VLSI Workshop: Transforming Silicon Industry using Open-Source

About Workshop

Workshop on "Transforming Silicon Industry using Open-Source" by Vaave in association with VLSI System Design (VSD) is a free workshop for VLSI aspirants and open gates for them to join upcoming 5 Days Workshop on "Beginner Physical design using open-source EDA Tools" starting February 10, 2021. The Beginner Workshop of 5 days is for students, professionals, faculty and researcher scholars, who are serious about their growth in VLSI Industry and the training will be carried out under the guidance of Industry Expert Mr. Kunal P Ghosh. Mr. Ghosh will also speak about the Internship Opportunities in VLSI for students who wish to pursue career in VLSI

About Industry Expert: Mr. Kunal P Ghosh

Kunal Ghosh is the Director and co-founder of VLSI System Design (VSD) Corp. Pvt. Ltd. Prior to launching VSD in 2017, Kunal held several technical leadership positions at Qualcomm's Test-chip business unit. He joined Qualcomm in 2010.

He led the Physical design and STA flow development of 28nm, 16nm test-chips. At 2013, he joined Cadence as Lead Sales Application engineer for Tempus STA tool. Kunal holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, India and specialized in VLSI Design & Nanotechnology.

Message by Industry Expert to VLSI Aspirants

Open-source EDA has reached several key milestones in the past few years, enabling hobbyists to participate in silicon design. Simultaneously, design tools have become accessible to everyone in the cloud with no up-front cost. As a result, the barriers to developing open-source silicon are quickly eroding. The silicon industry is very suddenly presented with the opportunity to play catch-up with the software industry, which was dramatically transformed over the past few decades under the influence of an open-source community. Release of Google/Skywater-130nm open PDK’s was really the final piece of the entire VLSI training model puzzle.

For freshers and professionals looking forward to serious VLSI training, let me put it in simple words. Remember in college, when we learned a concept in theory sessions, there was this natural curiosity to see the concepts implemented in real electronics labs using resistors, breadboards, 555 timers and so on. Similarly, in the VLSI industry, there is a saying “Is It silicon proven?” Now, “it” can be an IP or EDA tool or a full chip. In this session, we explore the spectrum of open-source EDA tools and capabilities currently available, and we examine how the resulting new opportunities are likely to transform the silicon industry in the coming decade.

How to Enroll in upcoming 5 Days Workshop on Beginner Physical design using open-source EDA Tools?

Registrations are open and details of upcoming workshop is available on Click Here

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The workshop is open to all VLSI aspirants including Students, Professionals, Faculty and Research Scholars

Benefits of joining upcoming workshop: Beginner Physical design using open-source EDA Tools

  • Virtual Coach platform with expert instructor guidance
  • Cloud-based dedicated Virtual Machine to perform Design labs
  • Intelligent Assessment Technology (IAT) and Project allocation
  • 24 hours Lab access for 5 days and Instructor assistance on demand
  • Run EDA scripts, evaluate VLSI layout and Timing analysis reports on platform.

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