CLINET's 9 Days Network Foundation Program

Date to be Announced

About Workshop

CLINET, with other like minded people from leading computer networking companies, mentors students and faculty in appreciating the concepts learnt, by providing a closure view of their applied aspects. This workshop focuses on emphasizing professionalism along with technical proficiency. The workshop content is very unique that everything learnt can be realized by students with relevant tools.

Computer Networking is a vast area. This workshop aims to make one feel comfortable with working in any technical jargon like Cloud, IoT, SDN, SDWAN and a lot more.

Who will benefit from this programme?

Students pursuing UG/PG having scope of Computer Networks in their course, and for all enthusiasts of Computer Networking

Why to attend this workshop?

This workshop's main agenda is to introduce fundamentals of computer networking with applied aspects. The thought process converges to make the individual self-motivated and self-dependent to solve any technical challenge given in computer networking.

About Industry Expert: Mr. Pavan Iddalagi

Mr. Pavan Iddalagi is a volunteer for the business operations in CLINET organization. He has more than 12 years of experience in the computer networking industry. Connect with Mr. Pavan Iddalagi on LinkedIn

The workshop is open to all Students, Professionals, Faculty who are aspiring to build their career in Computer Networking Industry

Workshop Structure

  • Commencement Date: TBD
  • No. of SDPs: 3
  • Schedule:
    SDP 1 (2 Days): TBD
    SDP 2 (4 Days): TBD
    SDP 3 (3 Days):TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Program Time: 18 Hours/1080 Minutes
  • Mandatory Pre-requisite: Having a system/laptop with Linux OS Installed + Basic knowledge of C language and Linux OS
Workshop Fee (incl Tax) per Candidate
SDP 1 (2 Days)
INR 999/- INR 1,499/-
SDP 2 (4 Days)
INR 1,499/- INR 2,999/-
SDP 3 (3 Days)
INR 999/- INR 1,999/-
Bulk Enrolment Discounts
Get quotes for bulk enrollment by calling at +919949516007 (Gaganjeet Singh) or writing email to [email protected]

Learning Tracks

SDP 1 (2 Days) - CLINET's Network Foundation Program (Level-1)

  • Packet Journey
  • Linux - A New Friend
  • Packet Journey Continued
  • Live Packet Dissection

SDP 2 (4 Days) - CLINET's Network Foundation Program (Level-2)

  • Network Product Architecture
  • Tools for Debugging
  • Network Product Story
  • Networking Concepts & Reality Part 1 & 2
  • Network Virtualisation
  • Professionalism

SDP 3 (3 Days) - CLINET’s Advanced Computer Networking Approaches (Level-3)

  • Traditional Computer Networks
  • Drawbacks of Traditional Computer Networks
  • Software defined Networks and SDWAN
  • Deployment examples of SDWAN
  • Role of AI and ML in Computer Networks

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