Re:START - Return to Work Program

"Re:START" - a unique program for women alumni looking forward to return to work after their career break. This program is designed to help women with career breaks with the right opportunities and required guidance from Industry leaders that would help them to get back on their corporate journey!

For Recruiters

If you are a corporate recruiter and would like to hire from the Re:START Community, please contact

Mr. Rahul Krishnan
E: [email protected]
M: +919000408884

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does this Program work?

You can choose from the job areas listed down in the jobs section and apply for an appropriate job area that suits best for your interests and skills. The team at Vaave will help you find a job based on your profile submitted.

How to apply for a job?

Apply to a field that matches your interests, skills and prior experience (if any). Your profile and resume will be assessed and accordingly we will help you find a right job opportunity in the field you’ve chosen.

Is there any monetary charge that’s involved?

Your Alma Mater wants to help women alumni to return to work who have taken a career break due to personal reasons and empower them back as the institution values and cares about them invariably.

How quickly can I get a Job?

Once you submit your resume, the team would reach out to you and look for opportunities relevant to your profile, however we cannot gaurantee a relevant opportunity or commit to a timeline. We try to help you find a relevant opportunity within 2 months after application.