Rightpathing our Careers in IT Product, IT Services & Renewable Energy Sectors

Rightpathing our Careers in IT Product, IT Services & Renewable Energy Sectors

Hello everyone,

Greetings from the Alumni Committee of The United Group of Institutions, We cordially invite our students, alumni, and faculties to join us in the Career Mentoring Talk a part of our UGI-Alumni Career Mentorship Program series where our renowned alumni share their journey and guide the students with their insightful knowledge and rich experience in the corporate world on what it takes to crack interviews and get placed.

About the Speakers

Gaurav Keswani is an alumnus from UCER, batch of 2019 having a BTech Degree in Computer Science. He has nearly 3 years of experience in IT sector. He was campus placed from college at Infosys for System Engineer profile and was promoted internally to DSE profile. Currently he is working at Nagarro as Front End Developer.
He designs and develops websites and web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript ,NodeJs and React. Analyzes the different data with machine learning algorithms and classify the various attributes using visualization techniques. When dealing with a project he tends to pay attention to the smallest details addressing problems with patience. Web design and development help me to free his creative mind and allow him to satisfy his desire towards constant self growth. He has been doing competitive coding in Hackerearth, HackerRank and Codechef.

Himanshu Tewari is an alumnus from UIT, batch of 2016 having a BTech Degree in EN (Electrical & Electronics). Currently working as ESS (Energy Storage System) Engineer at Tesla - Dubai, he has been working in Power generation from Green Energy resources & Showcasing Industry level standard practice for Installation & Maintenance in the Renewable energy sector, having 6+ years of core hands on experience in the industry in the International Market.

Saurabh Sarkar from the class of 2013, UCER Electronics and Instrumentation Branch. Currently he is working in the field of IT and employed with Microsoft India R&D as a Product Manager. He has 9+ years of IT experience and previously I was employed with IBM India and HCL Tech.
In the year 2012 he was campus placed in HCL tech which laid the foundation of my IT career and provided him the exposure he needed to excel in my career, for which he is ever grateful to his college. He wishes to connect with his fellow alumni and students and help, inspire, assist in any capacity possible to strengthen their skill set and help them to succeed!

Placement Guidance Program

PGP is a uniquely designed program launched to help students ready for placements 2022. It gives a better understanding of Areas of Improvement with personalized feedback and Connects with the actual job role. Every session is followed by a Q&A session where students are encouraged to ask their queries and doubts freely.

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