Resume Review Session

Resume Review Session by Gautam Kar

Hello everyone,
We, the Alumni Association of MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore, is back with our another session as a part of our Webinar/Workshop Series where our renowned alumni share their journey and guide the students with their insightful knowledge and rich experience in cracking exams to studying abroad, enabling students to get a better outlook about career options open to them. Every session is followed by a Q&A forum where students are encouraged to ask their queries and doubts freely.

About the Speaker:

Mr. Gautam Kar is an alumnus from MVJCE, having a BTech Degree in Electronics and Communication of 1999 batch. He is an Entrepreneur, Strategic Advisor, HR & Recruitment Consultant and a Certified Coach.
A best people manager awardee and a senior Talent Acquisition leader with over 18 years of experience in transforming, building and leading high-performance teams that consistently delivers talent across the global. Partnering with industry leaders and translating business strategy into talent hiring with operational excellence has been a key role. Expert in setting up recruitment process & systems in the information technology and services industry. Currently Gautam is the Managing Director & Chief People Officer of First Connect Solutions, a software development company based out of Newark, NJ with subsidiary in Hyderabad & Bangalore, India offering IT Solutions and consulting services. In last 12 months, First Connect Solutions grew from 20 HC to 120+ HC and catering to over 65+ fortune global customers. In this new digital era, First Connect team had developed a new edge crowd sourcing platform which enables 300+ freelancers to source talents along with video interview platform, this enables right talent at right cost and time. Digital Transformation has become the “Buzz” word for Companies today. Companies now require solutions that can keep their employees Digital ready and Gautam’s ongoing vision to reduce the talent supply gap in the industry and create more opportunities for talents had introduce First LEAP(Learn Engage Adapt Program) which offers solutions that can help companies to upskill the existing resources or Hire New Talent with the help of a gamut of Virtual Learning Programs) Upskilling your existing talent with new technologies and making them project ready & b) HTD of resources that match your project demands. First Connect Solutions has been awarded as “The Most Promising Start Up 2021” by Indian Achievers’ Forum.
He is also Mentor of iConsultTech for Training and Counselling talents for their career growth and also setting up HR, Talent Acquisition and People supply chain process for companies. In the last 16 years, Gautam has been associated with Wipro Limited managing multiple roles including Global Leader for Talent Acquisition. He is a true business partner and a solution oriented leader. He had always lead by example, hence admired by his team members and stakeholders. Managed many large deals and acquisitions which resulted into organisation’s successful story. Very passionate about his work and his commitment has led to many success for the organisation and his team. Gautam has been a true mentor for his team, an approachable leader who trains and drives his team to grow up the ladder. As a successful People Manager, his mantra has been- “Know your team members well”. His immense knowledge and introducing many new advanced techniques on recruitment and staffing along with his networking ability makes him a true asset and successful for the organisation. Highly energetic, friendly and extremely positive person.

1. Best Talent Acquisition Leader of the year 2021 by HR innovation & Tech
2. The Most Promising Start Up 2021” by Indian Achievers’ Forum.
3. International Certified Career Coach issued by Career Development Alliance USA
3. Best People Manager Award FY’19-20 by Mr. Rishad Premji, Chairman - Wipro Ltd.
4. Best Team Award - Contract Staffing FY’19-20 & FY’17-18
5. Best Team Award- Lateral Hiring FY’19-20 & FY’17-18
6. Best Function Leader FY’17-18 & FY’14-15
7. Best Manager Award FY’16-17
8. Leader’s Choice Team Award FY’16-17
9. High 5 Award for Campus Hiring FY 16-17
10. Best hiring metrics award FY’14-15
11. Star Delight Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction- FY 13-14
12. Best Sourcing & Team Leader FY’07-08
13. Best Manager Award of the Quarter Q3 FY’11-12
14. Best Team for BFSI large deal fulfilment FY' 14-15
15. Bronze Champion awarded for Significant contribution for Campus Hiring-FY 11-12
16. Campus Program Manager & HR interviewer Extra Mile Award- FY 12-13
17. Feather in my cap awarded for excellent leadership FY’10-11
18 . Feather in my cap awarded-FY 12-13 by Head of Infra Business for excellent Program Management
18. Thanks a zillion award by Account head for delivery on time for FY 08-09
19. AIRS certified in sourcing techniques

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