Data-Driven Equality: Women Returning back to Tech World

Vaave in association with MumsWhoCode brings to all the Women Alumni an exclusive webinar under initiative "Re:Start" on what it takes to return to work in tech Industry.

About the Session

Data-Driven Equality: Women Returning back to Tech World
This webinar is mainly focused for Women alumni and experienced professionals who aspire to get back to work in Tech Industry after an intended break. The session provides insights on what it takes to return to work and the necessary skills and practices to be developed. It is followed by a Q&A forum where attendees get their queries resolved.

About the Speaker

J. Shri Humrudha
Mother of 2 young kids, MS in Software Engineering, MS in IT Management, Founder of MumsWhoCode, Author of the book titled - The book from 'No Where'. Her corporate journey started after her graduation from VIT University, India. She completed her Master of Science in Software Engineering and joined an IT company as a Software Development Engineer through campus placements. She has worked as Technical Program Manager and Software Development Engineer in Test before moving to a Software Engineer Role. Her second Master's was in IT Management from Indiana University, US. It's been 9+ years and still counting as a Software Engineer.
Some of her recent activities apart from her day job have also been around engineering. Shri is a founder of a community initiative called 'MumsWhoCode'. This initiative supports the women's community who are looking to resume or start their carer in Tech Industry. It started in August 2021 and so far 2 of them have resumed their career after a break. As part of her journey to encourage the community and fellow engineers with best practices, she authored a science fiction storybook about 'Software Development' that is being written in the future and being delivered in the present.
The testimony the speaker offer in the session represent her personal views. She speaks for herself and not on behalf of the employer - Microsoft Corporation

What is Re:START?

Re:START is an initiative taken up by Vaave to help women Alumni get back to work after a career break by partnering with institutions to make sure it reaches every women alumni who is actively seeking for job.

What is 13x Talent?

13x Talent is a recruitment drive by Vaave to help colleges to present their alumni with the best of the Jobs and Opportunities.

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