Gateway to GMAT

Gateway to GMAT by Arpit Kumar Bhal

Hello everyone,
We, the SARC Team of Odisha University Technology and Research, Bhubaneswar, formerly CET Bhubaneswar, are back with another addition to our Webinar/Workshop Series where our renowned alumni share their journey and guide the students with their insightful knowledge and rich experience in cracking exams to studying abroad, enabling students to get a better outlook about career options open to them. Every session is followed by a Q&A session where students are encouraged to ask their queries and doubts freely. With that being said, we would love to welcome our faculty members as well as our alumni members to join our webinars and workshops.

About the Speaker:

Mr. Arpit Kumar Bhal is an alumnus from OUTR, formerly known as CET-Bhubaneswar, having a BTech Degree in Instrumentation & Electronics Engineering. He completed his M.Sc from ESADE Business & Law School in 2020. He was on Study tour on Digital Transformation at Columbia University and New York Recipient of the MSc Graduate Fund: Leadership Scholarship. He is currently working as Senior Data Scientist at factory14 - Madrid, Spain.
He loves sports, tech, music and travelling and has worked in multiple startups where I've explored multiple avenues and learnt a lot. He is Fun loving, curious and motivated, seeks inspiration from people around him and enjoy learning from them. Inclined towards the creative side of life, he often indulge himself in new hobbies or experiences.

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