Investing - Not a destination but a journey

Investing - Not a destination but a journey

Have you ever wondered what to do with the extra funds at hand? Do you have a financial goal in mind but do not know how to proceed about it? Are you a person who is looking to invest his money but is not sure where and how to invest? Do the words Equity, Crypto, Bonds give you major FOMO?
While there is a lot of interest and demand for real-life skills like these, unfortunately, none of these are taught or can be picked up in college and corporate life.
Realizing this issue which students, new grads and alum alike face, IIITB's Alumni Council in collaboration with Multipl, co-founded by one of IIITB's alum Paddy Raghavan brings to you a highly informative Financial Talk Series.

About the Session

The session is going to be an informative financial talk.

Investments: How and where do you begin? What is the best time to start investing?
How much is enough for financial freedom? How soon can it be achieved?
What are the various investment possibilities?
Learn about the risk & returns associated with various asset classes-Equities, Debt, Gold, Crypto etc
The 4 Pillars of Equity investing

Speakers Profile

Vikas Jain
Alum from IIM-Indore, a CFA, CA and a SEBI RIA with 7 years of work experience at Goldman Sachs who also has been running his private investment advisory for many years now.

Paddy Raghavan
A IIITB Alumnus, who has successfully co-founded multiple startups like 8KMiles, CMPUTE.IO and Multipl

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