Sales Prediction Using Machine Learning

Vaave in association with Byteridge ( brings you Industry & real-life use cases of Machine Learing (ML).

Byteridge is a Product Service company and works on the coolest technologies possible and one among them is Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning (ML). The Speaker Mr. Trilok Chowdhary is an Data Engineer and has extensive experience in working on various projects involving Data Science.

Sales Prediction is one of the more complex problems in the AI-ML value chain. Having variabilities extending from seasonality, store sizes, local events, local and global sentiments, to health and weather patterns, among others which makes it difficult to predict. It is therefore of obvious benefit to sales leaders to be able to know and understand various Machine learning algorithms in play.

To get more into the trenches we are going to muddy ourselves by examining various Machine Learning algorithms, their decision capabilities, and nuances by applying them to a very straightforward sales prediction problem.

So, roll up your sleeves and tuck in your shirts, and see you during the action.

Certificates will be provided for attendees with 80% attendance in session

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